I am a Middle Eastern woman, (She/Her), born in Damascus and currently living between Beirut and Istanbul.

I do not have a pain-driven, inspiring, and life-changing story to share with you. Quite the contrary, in fact, I undeniably am a privileged person, born into an aristocratic Damascene family of politicians and diplomats.

Up to this point in my life, the biggest challenges I have had to face were my ego and vanity. But luckily, my parents made sure to open my eyes to the reality of things at a very early age. By the time I was eight-years-old, I had already realized that not every child has a warm and loving home, can go to school, or even eats three meals a day. During my teenage years, my mother made sure I was aware of the struggle faced by women and girls in Syria and the whole world.

I was lucky not to have been forced into an early marriage, into a religious attire, into a narrow and dark mindset of any kind.

Yes, I am privileged, and yes I got lucky, but I plan on making the best out of it by making life better for as many people as I possibly can.

Personally, I am

a feminsit
an altruist
a meliorist
a lover

Professionally, I am

a humanitarian communication specialist
a development practitioner
a public speaker
a project design trainer
a relief worker
a girls and women’s rights advocate




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