“Serene Dardari took to the stage to remind everyone of the human element that lies underneath, inviting the audience to get personal and actively participate in alleviating the crisis instead of being merely concerned with rising numbers and statistics. […] after chronicling the heartbreaking stories of the refugee children she has worked with as a volunteer educator.”
Global Young Voices - September 29, 2016


I am passionate about many of our world’s emerging topics, ideas, and concepts!
I believe that sharing our ideas by speaking them out loud can be crucial in materializing our vision!

When we speak, we are putting a part of ourselves out there, in our shared and collective space; we would therefore be actively partaking in, and responsible for, shaping the reality we live in!

Speaking publicly about issues that impact the lives of millions of people such as sexism, racism and xenophobia can make a real difference, can leave a long-lasting impact, and can pave the way for tangible sustainable change.


• Humanitarian Communication and what the phrase implies
• The Power of Grassroot organizations
• Privilege: A double-edged sword
• The Elitism of Education - Online Learning
• Love as a development tool
• The Resilience of Refugee Women
• Mediating Conflicts at the workplace
• Creative Dramatics for children
• Women’s Success Stories
• Men as allies in the struggle
• Women and the Media


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