I am a specialist in Communication for Development in general, and in Strategic Humanitarian Communications in particular.


I have spent the past decade focused on helping those who help marginalized communities, by sharing what knowledge I have gained. By partnering with local and international NGOs, I have accumulated know-how in regards to planning and executing workshops, training sessions, and complete courses to a variety of audiences, providing them with tools and knowledge to improve the impact of their initiatives and interventions within the marginalized communities with which they work.

Project design
Learn how to design solution-based, development-oriented, social action projects. Who are your beneficiaries? Your donors? What will your change look like?
Project Cycle Management
Learn how to apply the processes, methods, knowledge, and skills to achieve your project objectives and how to prepare, implement, and evaluate projects based on the principles of the logical framework.
Project Reporting & Documentation
Of course, you can find a million sources and templates online, but would they reflect your vision? Oxford dictionary says: “Documentation is the material that provides official information or evidence or that serves as a record, the process of classifying and annotating text." Learn about the importance of documentation and reporting.
How to write a grant proposal?
Your grant proposal is your project on paper! It is your project’s reflection! Learn how to draft a project proposal from A to Z!
Project Management for youth: Your Idea, Your project! ( Ages 15-)
No one is too young to be a project manager! I believe that youth should be exposed to soft business skills early on; I also believe that project formulation and financial management should be mainstreamed across schools from the very beginning!

If you are a school, an academy of any kind, an after-school center, or a group of parents, interested in teaching your young ones how to think like social entrepreneurs and project managers, then this workshop is exactly what you’re looking for!
Humanitarian Communication workshop
Communication is an essential part of any project! Whether it is raising awareness about a certain topic, sharing posts about your organization's impact, drafting a success story or a human interest story, every word, every emoji, every photo and every nuance in each photo, matters. I can train your communication team on the basics and ethics of humanitarian communication, how to safely navigate the world of mixed-media and present your work to the public without posing any risk to your work’s value or to your organization's reputation. And most importantly, how to preserve the dignity of those you serve through every word & image.

Humanitarian Photography & videography
Writing a Human Interest Story
Writing a success story
Abiding by your donor’s requirements
Social Media in the humanitarian context


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